Monday, April 27, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-New Stuff!

Avid readers of my neophyte blog may notice slight changes to its layout on this momentous Monday.

Of capital importance is the addition of the "I LOVE" section at the top of the sidebar. Here, I will house an interesting video or suchlike for you to view with your eyes. This idea is furiously original, having been blatantly ripped off from several other blogs I'm fond of.

To kick off, check out a prime example of the necessity of physician-prescribed medication. I've already facebooked this, but it's so utterly excellent I felt it should be beshrined.

Gangstas, hoes, and assorted ghetto-denizens, I give you the one and (thankfully) only Soulja Gurl. Bitch be trippin'.

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